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Suvarna Amla™ – Immunity Booster (Amla or Indian Gooseberry extract) – 15's Pack

Suvarna Amla™ – Immunity Booster (Amla or Indian Gooseberry extract) – 15's Pack

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Suvarna Amla™ (or Indian Gooseberry) is a powerhouse of nutrients. It has an uncommon balance of sweet, sour, pungent and bitter flavours. Packed in a sachet in powder form individual sachets allows the Amla to preserve/retain its properties till it is ready to be used. Simply open a sachet, add to hot/warm water, stir it and enjoy it.


Being a very rich source of Vitamin C, Iron and Calcium, Amla is a health treasure and nature’s best antioxidant. Amla is the purest form of Vitamin C and it enriches you from within by making the blood vessels stronger. Some of its other benefits include:


  • Boosts immune system, helping improve general wellness
  • Increases number of red blood cells in the body, helping to efficiently carry oxygen to different parts of the body
  • Controlling stomach ulcers or hyperacidity and regulating the acid level in your stomach
  • Eliminate free radicals associated with aging
  • Strengthen respiratory and central nervous system.

Pack Size: Available in 5 Sachets of 3 gm each or 15 Sachets of 3 gm each


Amla (Indian Gooseberry) Extract (60%),

Stabilizer (1201),

Preservative (211),


Antioxidant (301)


Dosage: 1 sachet in Hot/Warm water as desired.

Country of origin: India

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